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How can I create a new website?


How can I create a new website?

How can I create a new website

It has become very important today to create a new website, regardless of whether it is intended for a simple demonstration or for the sale of your products.

 However, even if it is very easy to start building your new website, it is not easy to build a professional website. 

High-quality websites allow you to develop your business and often also confirm the credibility of your activities.

Options for your New website

The decision to create a new website is important for an independent entrepreneur.

 Depending on the chosen solution, this always requires more or less significant financial investments. 

At the same time, it is very difficult to get an overview before the end of the project. The result may not meet the requirements or hopes placed on this creation. 

To avoid possible disappointments or simply not taking steps to create a new website, it is important to be well versed in the process of user selection of the service provider.

Here we present to you 4 main types of providers: what are their advantages and disadvantages?

1. Institutions

Agencies are the main players in creating websites. It specializes in support and on a case-by-case basis, where it is currently suffering from the high prices it offers as well as stiff competition from SaaS and CMS software.

What are all agency characteristics?


  • Customer support at your disposal
  • Setting and managing orders
  • Low engagement with the site


  • The costs are quite high, and the site requires from 1, 500 to 5, 000 euros or more.
  • There is no way to control product quality

2. Freelance

A freelancer can be a very interesting solution for creating your new website. Many people choose to specialize on the internet and, more specifically, in website creation.

Where the price is lower, just below the agency price. Some providers are very talented and can offer you a quality website. So others will agree with what you asked.


  • Flexibility and customer service
  • Customization and constant communication with your service provider


  • High costs, from 1000 to 4000 euros for a quality website
  • Lack of autonomy
  • Poor quality control

3. Content management system

A content management system is a tool that combines a class of software that enables you to create, manage and update websites or mobile applications. The most famous of them are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

There are two types of content management systems:

Open source: open source is completely free.

Clouds: clouds are sold as SaaS software (software as a service).


  • Quality
  • A huge community of users
  • Ability to develop some modules independently


  • Minimum knowledge is required
  • No support
  • Unaccompanied
  • It is necessary to have technical skills
  • Hosting management

The price of a CMS site ranges from 0 0 to over.1000, depending on the theme and plugins you use.

4. Website developers

A new website developer is a software developer or software engineer who specializes in application development.

  If you do not have time or do not feel like an artist, these are the solutions that allow you to create your new website. As a rule, the use of site designers is quite economical, since their interface allows you to create a website without having any special skills.

If you are using a website builder, you will first need to know the quality of their products by going, for example, to the sites that they created. 

You will also have to pay attention to the different website creation templates they offer. Not all of them necessarily allow you to create all kinds of websites.


  • Easy handling of the tool
  • Accompany a team member
  • No programming skills required
  • A domain name supported by some website developers
  • Some website developers hold seminars and conferences. (For example, seminars)


  • A plugin is not added
  • Some are limited to creating e-commerce sites

The cost of the site through the site builder depends on the monthly or annual subscription. for example, he offers three sentences:

  • Offer 20 euros to create your own website alone
  • A 90 Euro offer with a website created by a web designer
  • Offer for 180 euros with website creation and full support in web marketing

Make no mistake

1. Ignoring SEO

Whatever website you want to create, you can't avoid SEO!! Every website should include an SEO strategy and high-quality content so that your business is appreciated.

There are many ways to improve the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. I have some tips for you that may be useful.

Here are 5 ways to follow for your SEO:

  • Improve your new website loading speed
  • Compress your photos
  • Setting up guest blogging policy
  • Improve your web content
  • Work on your social networks

2. Your content strategy

Remember that your reputation will depend on your content because this is your default representation.

You must provide high-quality content worthy of your image, and do not neglect this step! High-quality content requires time and financial investments. It can be built not in 1 day, but in a few weeks.

Attention! Writing articles on the internet requires a certain rigor, you have rules that must be followed.

3. Tips and recommendations for website optimization

Creating a new website requires a certain rigor that should never be overlooked. There are certain rules inspired by the Google search platform that must be followed.

Web design

Website design, as its name suggests, is a design process for the internet.

 Thus, it consists in transmitting information on a digital medium. 

To do this, you must perform several tasks: create aesthetics, improve the user experience, improve ergonomics, add value and convey a message.

User experience design

5 tips on how to keep visitors on your website:

  1. Create simple and intuitive navigation
  2. Creating emotions
  3. When it comes to design: the less you invest, the better.
  4. Continuous reading level (titles, images, text)
  5. Maintain consistent design throughout your website to set standards for customers

HTTS and responsive design

It is especially important to consider Google's recommendations. Not taking them into account is a risk from Google SEO's point of view. 

So, Google recently announced its desire to find sites that do not work on HTTPS. Networked is a security protocol that helps protect data and information from users and customers.

 This type of protocol is further encouraged with the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on 25 May 2018. Sites that do not have an adapted web design, IE, will also be fined. Content that is not adapted to the screens of tablets and smartphones.

Now you have all the keys to success in creating your own website. An optimized website is a guarantee of your business development, so don't hesitate anymore, get started!