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How to attract new patients to your dental practice

How to attract new patients to your dental practice

Surely you have thought about how to increase the number of patients in your dental clinic. Here are some tricks and tips that may be useful to you.

Patient's health comes first

It may seem trivial and obvious, but we think this is a good starting point to make your clinic more transparent and improve the client's perception of you. By dedicating yourself to your patients in a transparent way, we will ensure their possible return in case there are other needs.

Remember that the first goal is patient care, and maybe this can take a back seat if you focus only on improving compared to your direct competitors.

Is it advisable to promote lower prices?

Working at the lowest price is probably counterproductive!

First, because there will always be someone who will offer lower or more competitive prices than yours.

Secondly, by doing this, you can make your customers think that your services are of lower quality. In addition, you should get a positive margin that will allow you to maintain business and pay suppliers because late payments will create a very bad image for you and you will lose confidence. Remember that you are providing a service, and it is fair to pay correctly!

On the other hand, everything depends on the direction of your clinic: if your goal is to offer low prices, try to create an image of the absolute economy in the minds of your customers; or if your goal is to be a high-level clinic with higher prices, attracting a different type of customer to your clinic. The clinic. One way or another, you should choose and not stay in limbo, because you risk not attracting new types of customers.

Advertise your clinic

How to advertise correctly for your clinic?

The clinic is a business, so it has to pay taxes. Payment of these taxes is obtained thanks to daily work, like your business like all your workers.

 In order for the company to function and fulfill its obligations, it must have patients who pay for the services rendered and performance.

Finally, you need to advertise and retain your patients. One of the main mistakes that you often think about is that to attract and retain patients, you have to resort to discounts on your products and services.

 Statistically, if you advertise at a low price, you will attract a certain type of customer who will be difficult to keep if your clinic is not a fixed discount store.

Your clinic should not be a reference for the lowest price, but excellence where patients can find a professional with whom to create a trusting relationship. That's what health marketing is.

Greet your patients and make them feel welcome, realize the quality and professionalism that your clinic offers them, and make them want to come back!

10 ways to attract customers to your clinic!

1) easy to use and intuitive website

In addition to the advantages of a high-impact site, it is necessary to adapt this site to the mobile version, where more than 50% of access is carried out from a mobile phone.

 The lack of an optimized website means the loss of a

a large number of potential customers. We all know that it is difficult for customers to trust what they do not know, so it is important to provide a clear, simple, and understandable design for your website so that the information they are looking for can be easily accessed.

2) social networks

More and more users are looking for medical information on the internet. These users are not limited to corporate or corporate websites but are looking for closer and more direct relationships with specialists.

 Social networks are an ideal channel for creating and maintaining this type of relationship.

 Medical and specialist studies with excellent results have begun to use social networks to serve customers or to answer queries or doubts; it is important to stay in close contact with your patients and always be ready to provide them with useful information that can help them with your choice!

3)Business location

It can be useful to create a page of this type so that customers who are looking for useful information such as time, address, phone number, and email address can access it without having to visit our website, especially if it can be accessed from a mobile phone. People are looking for spontaneity and lightness.

4) Seo

SEO is an important part of healthcare marketing. Whether it's blog posts, websites, or social media, SEO techniques make content more visible when users search for similar or relevant content.

Using SEO methods, we can intercept the search queries of your potential patients and increase traffic to your site dramatically. Try to use the words that your customers use most often, use websites to search for the most used words and include them in your articles or publications, etc. To ensure that you will be among the first results of your customers.

5) promotion of events, seminars, conferences, and events

Advertising and promotion of all events in which you participate. This will allow you to gain credibility and trust not only from the public but also from the scientific community.

 Therefore, it is important to establish and maintain relationships with partners (or other structures) and colleagues who can become ambassadors of our company.

6) email marketing: newsletters and mailing lists

Indeed, when used correctly and at the right time, they do not contain spam and are really useful for the client, becoming a real resource within the reach of the clinic.

7)Divide your goal

It is very important to divide our customers into groups so that we can

Create personalized ads for each of them

8) advertising on Facebook and Google AdWords 

 Sometimes, in order to promote your business, you need to invest in advertising. 

Online advertising costs, unlike other networks, are also available to small clinics, and their effectiveness in terms of visibility, if the campaign is well planned, can be a surprise. 

This is due to the fact that advertising on Facebook and AdWords allows you to reach your target audience with high accuracy  H  compared to traditional media.

9) promotions on the internet and social networks

The internet and social networks are excellent channels for the implementation of promotions, gifts, and packages intended for certain categories of users. 

These advertising models, in addition to increasing the number of bookings and visits, are very useful for spreading knowledge about the clinic and encouraging the natural tendency to share information online.

10) corporate blog and marketing input.

Inbound marketing begins with the concept of the opposite of traditional marketing, based on the general distribution of messages (payment). Its goal is to attract potential customers by making the content of interest visible and accessible.

First, it is much more effective than traditional marketing, because the perception of the message by the interested party is infinitely higher. In addition, inbound marketing allows you to expand your appeal and can help create a better reputation.