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What is a Commercial Vehicle Insurance online?

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Online

commercial vehicle insurance Online is an individual auto insurance policy to cover damage and losses to the commercial vehicle and the owner-corresponding driver.


This may include damage and losses in situations such as accidents, collisions, natural disasters, fires, etc.

 All companies are required to purchase commercial vehicle insurance for their vehicles, for example, for auto-rickshaws, taxis, school buses, tractors, commercial trucks, trucks, etc.

Why do you need commercial vehicle insurance Online?

  • If your business owns one or more vehicles, it is important to get commercial vehicle insurance that will financially protect and cover your business from any losses and damage caused by your vehicle(s) and the people who use it.
  • If your main business involves the use of vehicles, such as a regular taxi or a private school bus, commercial vehicle insurance guarantees to stakeholders and passengers that they will always be protected and insured.
  • According to the law, it is necessary, at least, to have only a liability policy, which protects third parties from any damage and losses that may be caused by your commercial vehicle.

What's covered in Commercial Vehicle Insurance Online?

  • Accidents

Damage to a commercial vehicle in the event of an accident.

  • Theft

Loss or damage of a commercial vehicle as a result of theft.

  • Fire

Damage to a commercial vehicle as a result of a fire.

  • Natural disasters

Damage to a commercial vehicle as a result of any natural disaster

  • Personal accidents

If there was a commercial car accident that resulted in injury or death of the driver.

  • Third-party losses

Any damage caused by a third-party commercial vehicle.

  • Towing vehicles with disabilities

Any damage caused by a commercial vehicle to a towed vehicle.

Add-ons available with Commercial Vehicle Insurance Online

  • Consumable cover

The consumable cover will provide your commercial vehicle with superior protection than usual. It covers the costs of your car's spare parts, such as nuts, bolts and bolts, engine oil and grease in the event of an accident.

  • Consumption of parts protects

The value of your car and parts may decrease over time due to wear and tear, and this amount is usually deducted from any claim. This addition ensures that this depreciation is covered on any replaced vehicle parts (such as rubber or fiberglass parts) in the event of an accident.

  • Engine and gearbox protection

The engine or gearbox of your car may be damaged in an accident due to factors such as water ingress or lubricant leakage. This accessory will help to cover any indirect losses caused by the accident (but because of it), for example, engine damage due to hydrostatic pressure loss, which is not covered by the standard policy.

  • Crash Assistance-known as roadside assistance

We all need a little help sometimes! Whenever you experience a breakdown of your car on the road due to an accident, flat tires, a faulty battery or something else, with the help of the add-on "breakdown assistance" you will be able to get help 24/7.

  • Loss of income

For many, vehicles are necessary for work. This accessory helps to compensate you for any loss of income that may occur if your commercial vehicle is unavailable during repair due to damage.

  • Additional withdrawal costs

If your car has an accident, you will need to tow it to the garage for repairs. Insurance companies will cover the additional costs you may incur while transporting your vehicle from the scene of the accident to the nearest garage or safe location.

  • Protective cover against electromagnetic interference

If your car was borrowed and damaged in an accident and was in the garage for repair, it can mean a loss for your business. You will be paid regularly due to the registered car financier.

Additional coverages such as approvals are available

Sometimes just standard coverage isn't enough to cover all conditions. For this reason, most insurance companies offer optional covers as well that you can choose according to your needs, to extend the coverage of your commercial vehicle.

  • Personal accident coverage

If you do not already have Pa cover, you can include it within your business insurance policy plan as having personal accident cover is mandatory by law. This provides coverage for bodily injury or death of the owner-driver in the event of an unfortunate accident.

  • Untitled PA cover

We hope this will never happen, but if something happens to the person sitting in the car with you, in case of an unexpected accident, this cover is a backup option for himself.

  • Legal liability

This coverage protects you from any legal liability arising against you in connection with injury to your employees/anyone working for you.

  • IMT  23

This cover helps to cover the loss or damage of headlights, tires, pipes, mudguards, hood, side bumpers, headlights, and paint in all cases, even if the car is partially damaged.

  • Electrical accessories

This case is for those who have installed any electrical accessories in their car that is not included in the manufacturer's model and will cover these accessories.

  • Non-electrical accessories

If you install any non-electric accessory in your car that is not included in the manufacturer's model, this case will help protect these accessories during damage and loss.

  • Special exceptions and mandatory deductions

With each loss, there will be a certain amount that you will have to pay because your form from the latter is called a mandatory deduction. 

This in turn will also help reduce your insurance premium. It will also cover the loss or damage of headlights, tires, pipes, mudguards, hood, side bumpers, headlights, and paint if your car is completely damaged.

What is not covered?

It is equally important to know what is not included in your commercial vehicle insurance policy so that there are no surprises when applying. Here are some of these cases:

  • Special damage to the third-party document holder

In the case of a liability policy to third parties only, damage to a person's vehicle will not be covered.

  • Driving drunk or without a license

If the owner of the driver of the claimed vehicle is intoxicated or drives a vehicle without a valid license.

  • Contributing to neglect

Any damage caused by the negligence of the accompanying driver (e.g. driving during a flood )

  • Indirect losses

Any damage that is not a direct result of a natural accident/disaster, any indirect losses such as loss of profit, loss of market, etc.

Types of commercial vehicles covered

  • Insurance specifically for vehicles that normally carry one or more passengers, such as taxis, taxis, rickshaws, school buses, private buses, etc.
  • Passenger transport vehicles, especially school buses and regular taxis, have a great responsibility because they carry many passengers daily.
  • The number of lives and incomes of the world's population depends on driving these vehicles. Insurance for commercial vehicles ensures that they are always protected from losses, in case of unfortunate circumstances.