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Dental content marketing: More than a buzzword


Dental content marketing: More than a buzzword

Dental content marketing isn’t just some trend marketers are jumping on to stay relevant; it’s an established strategy that can help your website become more prominent in organic search engine results while also improving your sales conversion rate and boosting your reputation in the dental community. 

If you’re not already implementing dental content marketing, this guide will show you how to do it right and increase the exposure of your dental practice online.

What is dental content marketing?

According to Portent's Content Marketing Framework, dental content marketing is Marketing and sales collateral that is relevant to your dental practice and created to serve search results. 

That includes just about everything that shows up on your website—your About page, your posts, any videos you have posted, etc. 

So when we talk about dental web marketing, we're talking about anything that reaches out to people who aren't yet patients but could potentially become one in the future. 

It includes all of those things plus social media posts and organic search rankings. 

It's an effective strategy because it helps keep potential patients coming back again and again—and staying in contact through email or social media will only help bring them in for a checkup at some point down the road.

 Here are a few dental marketing ideas to get you started:

 The biggest mistake dental practices make with their dental marketing? :

They don't put enough effort into building their online presence. 

To ensure that your dental web marketing is successful, be sure to invest time into developing a professional website that showcases what makes your practice unique—

you can do so by hiring a designer (either in-house or externally) or using an easy-to-use platform like WordPress.

 Once you've got a solid foundation set up, start brainstorming ways to use your dental content marketing to attract new patients. 

If you'd like more specific advice, here are five dental marketing ideas for getting new patients.

 What mistakes should dental practices avoid when implementing dental content marketing?:

  •  Be careful not to overdo it. 
  • Make sure your dental web marketing doesn't take away from patient care; if you find yourself struggling to balance both responsibilities, consider hiring someone else (like a virtual assistant) to handle day-to-day tasks while you focus on providing quality care.
  •  Another common dental marketing mistake? Not paying attention to SEO.
  •  Even though SEO isn't as important as it used to be, having good SEO still plays a role in attracting new patients—so try adding keywords throughout your dental content marketing. 
  • Finally, remember that dental content marketing isn't limited to text; video and images can also help get your dental web marketing noticed! 

Do you have any tips for creating high-quality dental content?: Yes! First off, hire a writer who understands how to write for dentistry.

Content Marketing for Dentists Gets Easier

With a boost in traffic, increased exposure online, and more ways to attract patients, content marketing for dentists has its advantages.

 As you incorporate these do’s and don’ts into your dental web content writing, you can rise above competitors and establish your marketing dental practice as an expert both locally and online.

However, not many dentists want to take time away from their patients to spend time writing website content. 

And sometimes, they just simply aren’t professional dental blog writers.

Outsourcing is a smart way to get high-quality dental web content on your site and get your dental website marketing strategy to a rousing start. 

Be sure to check out our latest posts on how groups of dentists can use online dentistry to grow their practice in no time!

See below for more dental marketing strategies.

17 Dental internet Marketing Ideas

The benefits of dental content marketing

Dentists have been relying on dental advertising for decades. It's how they get new patients, and it's one of their only points of direct contact with potential clients.

 But there are problems with dental advertising. 

Dental ads often feel spammy or too sales-y, which can be off-putting to some consumers and scare others away from your office altogether. 

Content marketing could be an alternative to traditional advertising that retains your personality while also maintaining trust with potential clients online. 

And when done right, dental content marketing might even bring in more revenue than dental advertising ever did.

6 tips for improving your dental practice blog

 Learn how to write dental web content that engages and encourages visitors.

 In addition to good grammar and spelling, think about things like timing (Is your audience checking their email first thing in the morning or late at night?) 

and what type of content works best on different channels (Videos are great on Facebook but not so much on Twitter). 

Show Qualities Proudly on Your Website: 

When patients come across your website for their initial research about your practice, they’re going to look for three things – experience, education/credentials, and qualifications.

Do Include Calls to Action in Your Dental Writing: It is very important that you include calls-to-action throughout your writing as they will make your audience take action by clicking through to another page with more information or even contacting you directly.

 Don’t Ignore Mobile Devices When Writing Dental Web Content:

Not only do many consumers now access social media from mobile devices but also search engines have begun showing preferential treatment towards mobile-friendly websites. Content Marketing for Dentists, in a Nutshell, Do Include Calls to Action in Your Dental Writing 

Content Marketing for Dentists in a Nutshell:

If you want to establish an online presence that will help people find you and keep them coming back, it's important that you know how digital platforms work. Learn how to write dental web content that engages and encourages visitors.


Do Include Calls to Action in Your Dental Writing: 

To get traffic from your dental practice website, make sure to have your calls to action visible throughout your writing. 

You should always direct people to some sort of conversion page that they can take action on, like scheduling an appointment or subscribing to your email list. 

In many cases, you can even add something like getting my free book after having already posted a piece of interesting content (give people good stuff first!).

 Don’t Ignore Mobile Devices When Writing Dental Web Content:

As mentioned above, almost 60% of all adults now own smartphones according to Pew Research Center - which is up more than 10% since 2011!