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How to Use FTP Transfer Software to Move Files Between Computers

FTP Transfer Software: The Top 5 Programs to Use

FTP Transfer Software: The Top 5 Programs to Use

Although you can always manually upload files to your website server via FTP, that can be quite tedious, especially if you have to update a lot of content on your site.

 Luckily, there are several programs that allow you to do the heavy lifting without having to do it yourself.

 Here are some of the top FTP transfer software programs available today, along with their pros and cons, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

1) SecureFX

SecureFX is an FTP client that is available for free download on Windows computers. 

It is one of the best clients to use because it is secure and easy to use.

 SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that is used to transfer files between clients in a secure manner.

 One other thing you can do with this program is backup your data from your computer onto another computer or vice versa.

To use this feature, you need an account with Cybrary, which allows you to backup up to 2GB worth of data.

 One downside to this program is that there are some annoying ads, but if you don't mind them then it's not too bad. 

Another good option would be SmartFTP. With this program, you get the same security as SecureFX but without the ads. 

The next two programs are very similar in how they work and how they are designed.

 You install either Fetch or CuteFTP into your computer so that way you can access your account information through either Fetch or CuteFTP when logging into their respective website. 

They both offer different features like :

  • uploading large files,
  •  downloading multiple files at once,
  •  and speed boosts while transferring large amounts of data- all while being very user-friendly! 

The last two programs on the list are Transmit and BitKinex. 

These are probably my least favorite out of all five options. First off, BitKinex has a confusing interface that will take some time to figure out what everything does and does not mean. 

Transmit doesn't have any design issues but it takes up more space than I would like and I had problems transferring files using it.

 If you're looking for something really lightweight though, Transmit is perfect!

2) FileZilla

FileZilla is a cross-platform FTP client that supports:

  • Windows,
  • Mac, 
  • and Linux.

 It's easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Plus, it's free! 

The file transfer protocol FTP is often the preferred method for uploading files onto an FTP server.

 FileZilla will allow you to choose which protocols you would like to use when connecting with an FTP server.

 FileZilla also includes features such as:

  •  file transfers, 
  • directory listing and transferring of entire directories or files,
  •  secure connections over SSL/TLS and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP),
  •  and drag-and-drop support for easy uploads, a built-in ZIP archive generator, 
  • bandwidth throttling to avoid saturating your connection 
  • and more.

 In addition to FileZilla being the free software that anyone can download from their website on any platform, it also provides free hosting services so those who want a free FTP server have one available.

 For this reason alone, I highly recommend Filezilla as one of the best FTP clients out there! FileZilla is free software that anyone can download from their website on any platform. 

It also provides free hosting services so those who want a free FTP server have one available.

3) WinSCP

WinSCP is a free FTP client for Windows that has been around for a very long time. 

It's one of the most popular FTP clients and is used by a lot of people. 

WinSCP supports both the FTP and SFTP protocols.

 You can use it to transfer files between your computer and a server, or between two servers. 

WinSCP is very easy to use and has a lot of features, making it a great choice for both beginners and advanced users.

 If you are using Linux, then you should check out FileZilla. FileZilla is free software with support:

  •  for FTP (and other protocols),
  •  remote file editing,
  •  the transfer resumes,
  •  and more. 

Another option if you're looking for FTP software for Linux is Cyberduck.

 Cyberduck provides an open source alternative to WinSCP on Windows machines and offers many of the same features. Like FileZilla, it also runs natively on Linux.

 Filezilla might be the best FTP client for those who are familiar with FTP but don't know how to navigate the interface of either WinSCP or Cyberduck. 

Files2U might be worth checking out as well since they offer their software free of charge. 

There is also SmartFTP which has some cool features like tabbed browsing and FTP transfer rules that will allow you to set when files can be transferred automatically without prompting you every time a file transfer takes place.

 FTP client is another free FTP client that allows you to transfer files from one server to another or from your computer to a server.

 FTP client also comes with:

  •  file search,
  •  filter functions,
  •  folder synchronization,
  •  and drag-and-drop capability.

 Filezilla is another free FTP client for Windows computers that offers all the standard features plus support for tabs and plugins.

4) SmartFTP

SmartFTP is a free FTP client that offers a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for transferring files between a server and a client.

 It is available in both free and paid versions.

 The software is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. 

The free version of SmartFTP is limited to three concurrent transfers, while the paid version allows for an unlimited number of transfers. : SmartFTP can be used on multiple platforms such as Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.6+. Additionally, it supports SFTP and FTPS protocols as well as 128-bit encryption.

 And if you're looking for FTP client software with advanced features, look no further than FileZilla!

 FileZilla was developed by Tim Kosse so that he could transfer files over his newly created DSL connection without being connected to a computer at all times. 

FileZilla is completely free and open source so you don't have to worry about anything slowing down your download speeds or virus protection like you would with other programs.

 FileZilla is available for :

  • Windows,
  •  Linux, 
  • and Mac OS X operating systems.


The best part?

 FileZilla works just as well when you want to upload files as it does when you want to download them.

 You can also make FTP connections via proxy servers and configure connections with arbitrary file permissions. 

AftFTP is another popular FTP client software that has been around since 1997. 

AftFTPCentralized management system gives administrators the ability to oversee their file servers from one location, even when they are away from the office or on vacation.

 In addition, this program includes security protocols such as TLS 1.2 and SSH 2 which encrypt data transmissions; this ensures sensitive information stays private and secure.

5) FlashFXP

If you're looking for an FTP program that is both easy to use and has a ton of features, FlashFXP is the one for you.

 It's great for beginners and experts alike. 

With FlashFXP, you can easily transfer files between your local computer and a remote server. 

You can also upload or download entire directories with just a few clicks. 

It also supports file compression and encryption, which helps keep your data safe on public networks.

 Plus it has built-in SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and FTPS (File Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS) support! If you need more than basic features, FileZilla might be what you're looking for.

 It lets you perform any task that would normally require a web interface, including creating users and transferring whole websites.

 You can even do things like edit permissions and access control lists - anything that would normally be done via FTP in a graphical environment. 

Axialis Ftp Commander offers much of the same functionality as other programs in this list, but at twice the price. 

Cyberduck is another good option if your needs are more advanced than most users'.

 Cyberduck is well known for its unique feature set, including:

  • data streaming from remote servers, 
  • bidirectional synchronization,
  • and scripting capabilities. 

However, it does not have as many features for average users as some of the other programs listed here.