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New Semrush Estimated Traffic Tool Offers Insight into Website Traffic

 New Semrush Estimated Traffic Tool Provides Accurate Traffic Estimates

New Semrush Estimated Traffic Tool Provides Accurate Traffic Estimates

Semrush, the leading competitor analysis and keyword research tool on the market has announced the launch of a new feature, Semrush Estimated Traffic, which provides accurate traffic estimates based on data from their own database. 

With this new feature, users will be able to get a deeper understanding of their competitors’ audience size, as well as their traffic potential. 

Competitors will be able to use this information to determine how much content to produce and which channels are most beneficial for promoting their work. 

More details about this tool can be found in the original press release here.

Why This Matters to Marketers

This new tool from Semrush is important for marketers because it provides accurate traffic estimates for websites.

 This information can be used to improve website analytics and organic search results. The tool may also be used to report on paid traffic for a domain or website.

 The Estimated Traffic Tool has been in beta testing since March of this year, but Semrush has made the product available to all users as of September 15th. 

The tool provides estimated site traffic data at different levels of detail:

  •  country,
  •  region,
  •  City, 
  • zip code.

It also includes:

  • corresponding data about top languages by the percentage of site visitors, 
  • top regions by the percentage of site visitors,
  •  the most popular time zones among visitors to the site (as determined by the time zone set in their browser),
  •  ad block rates at the site level, and referral sources.

These tools help business owners :

  • identify which audiences are visiting their sites, 
  • how they are getting there, 
  • and what keywords people are using to find them.

In addition, SEMrush allows businesses to compare domains side-by-side to see who is outperforming whom.

How Marketers Use SEMrush's Audience Insights Tool

SEMrush's new Audience Insights tool provides detailed information on a website's audience, including :

  • estimated traffic,
  • demographics, 
  • interests,
  •  and more. 

This data can be used by marketers to better understand their target audience and make more informed marketing decisions. 

Additionally, the tool can be used to spy on competitor websites to see who their target audience is and what strategies they are using to reach them. 

  For example, if you find that your competitor receives 15% of its traffic from Facebook ads, you could increase your budget for Facebook ads in order to get higher conversion rates.

 You may also want to change your targeting options or optimize different ad copy depending on what the results say about your competitor's strategy.

 It takes only a few minutes to set up an account with SEMrush and start tracking your competitors. 

How Marketers Use SEMrush Keyword Database

SEMrush Estimated Traffic is a market intelligence and competitive research tool that provides estimates on all mobile and desktop traffic for any given website.

 The data is organic and based on keywords, so it's a great way to get an estimate of how much traffic a website is getting. 

Plus, the tool also provides analytics on the keywords that are being used to find the website. 

This information can be used by marketers to improve their website's ranking in search engines. 

It's important to note that there may be some inaccuracies when using SEMrush Estimated Traffic because data is collected from only organic keyword searches. 

However, this tool still gives estimates on both desktop and mobile traffic which is not something most tools offer. 

The estimated traffic data does not provide specific numbers about the number of visitors or sessions per day or month but will give you an estimate of what people are searching for on Google or Bing.


This tool can help you assess your website's potential online reach with accurate organic keyword data from top global search engines as well as trends in your niche audience. 

You can use this data to generate ideas for your content marketing strategy, run SEO campaigns, and more. 

By assessing organic traffic data, you'll be able to make informed decisions about what keywords work best for your site and focus on those in your SEO campaign. 

You should also consider downloading a copy of the website statistics tool in order to compare them against the estimated traffic data.

 For example, if website statistics show 10% mobile traffic while estimated traffic says 50%, then you'll know that people are visiting your site via other methods than just through search engine results pages (SERPs). 

While SEMrush Estimated Traffic doesn't account for every visitor or session due to discrepancies between organic versus paid rankings, it still offers a pretty good estimate of organic traffic!